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Evaporative Condensing

Evaporative Condensing Chillers

Evaporative condensing chillers can be used in virtually any building application to supply chilled water to air handler units within the buildings they serve.  By using evaporative condensing, building owners benefit from reduced energy consumption which can result in as much as 40% operating cost savings versus air-cooled alternatives.  

Other benefits of evaporative condensing chiller systems versus air-cooled alternatives include:

  • The condensing temperature is lower than for air-cooled chiller, which improves reliability and reduces energy usage

  • Up to 50 percent smaller footprint than a comparable air-cooled chiller because it requires less coil surface area and moves less air

  • Quieter than comparable air-cooled chillers because it moves less air

  • For retrofit applications, you may be able to increase tonnage with the same or less building electrical-service needs 

Mammoth’s evaporative condenser design has resulted from of our vast experience and desire to provide you with trouble-free operation over the life cycle of your system.  Our evaporative-cooled chiller capabilities include:

  • Capacities from 50 to 1,000+ tons

  • Scroll, screw, and oil-free, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors help you match the right technology to the right application for optimum energy efficiency and reliability

  • Noise-abating construction and other low-sound options include double-wall cabinet, condenser-fan silencers, and variable-speed condenser fans

  • Waterside economizer coils to take optimum advantage of “free cooling” opportunities

  • Shell-and-tube or brazed aluminum condenser heat-exchanger options afford flexibility in size, cleanability and location

  • R-134a and R-410A  options help you optimize energy efficiency and environmental requirements

  • Each chiller is assembled and fully tested at our factory, reducing field labor costs for installation and increasing system reliability

  • Glycol/water solutions for low ambient operation

  • Large orifice, non-clogging water nozzles provide for complete and continuous wetting of the coil surface to provide a high rate of heat transfer

  • 304L stainless steel casings and ABS tube sheets protect condenser coils against abrasion and galvanic corrosion

  • A walk-in service vestibule provides ample access to pumps and water treatment components for easy maintenance and service

  • Advanced water treatment options including chemical-free systems that, in addition to being environmentally friendly, can also help you qualify for a LEED point

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