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Air-cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chillers are the workhorse for supplying chilled water to air handler units in schools, offices, government facilities and many more.  Desired for their simple design, easy serviceability and relatively low cost/ton, these systems reside outside on a roof or the ground near other buildings or residential areas.  As a result, quiet operation is typically critical to meet code requirements and avoid neighborhood complaints.  

At Mammoth, we go the extra mile to provide air-cooled chiller solutions that address more than acoustic performance at your property line.  For example, we can provide a 150-ton air-cooled chiller with an operating sound power rating as low as 60 dBA within five feet of the unit.       

As no two buildings are the same, our engineers will handcraft your air-cooled chiller using the experience they have built up since 1935. We afford designers greater flexibility than most—white sheet design without compromise. Our capabilities include:

  • Capacities from 20 to 400+ tons
  • When configuring a unit for a small footprint or to retrofit an existing air-cooled chiller application, we can configure the cabinet size, chiller, piping, and pumps for easy connection
  • Reliable scroll and screw compressor selections help you match the right technology to the right application for optimum energy efficiency and reliability
  • R-134a and R-410A options help you optimize energy efficiency and environmental requirements
  • Aluminum, copper, and coated fins to meet all requirements including corrosive environments
  • Shell-and-tube and brazed-aluminum heat exchangers afford flexibility in size, cleanability and location
  • Waterside economizer coils to take optimum advantage of “free cooling” opportunities for energy savings
  • Factory-mounted DDC controls with standard building automation protocol interfaces
  • Cabinet and frame construction to meet your needs: steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel options
  • Low-ambient controls
  • Can be configured as a packaged chiller plant with factory-installed liquid pumps, piping, and controls to save you valuable design and installation time and costs, and free up valuable indoor space
  • Factory commissioning to reduce jobsite commissioning costs and timelines, while promoting reliable start-up and operation


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