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Mammoth ground source heat pump holds hands with Masterland

Located in Nanjing Cuipingshan Scenic Area, Masterland is a rare high-end villa community in Nanjing covering a total area of 700 acres and mainly consisting more than 500 semi-detached villas with different styles, courtyard style single-family villas, luxury mountain villas at the foot of the mountain to mountain side, theme parks, luxury clubs, and a series of highly humane related facilities. In the villas, Chinese parasols, a featured tree in Nanjing, separates the whole community into different blocks and each block has a unique exotic design.
Not long ago, Mammoth successfully signed an agreement with Masterland, an upscale villa and provides tailored design and mounts comfortable and energy efficient ground source heat pump central air conditioning systems for two sets of luxury mountain villas as a model. All villas are mounted with Mammoth water-to-water ground source heat pump to achieve the purposes of cooling in summer and heating in winter (air conditioning and ground heating can be switched in use) and supply of domestic hot water all year around. Indoor mounted Mammoth water-to-water ground source heat pump MSR-J142WLD unit controls room temperature and fan coil to adjust indoor air and side air supply. Indoor temperature controller will control fan coil when room temperature reaches the set temperature which can optimize demand and supply and save energy for customers maximally. In the cold winter, ground source heating ensures indoor temperature to improve indoor comfort. On the other hand, Mammoth water-to-water ground source heat pump MSR-J042WLD unit supplies indoor domestic hot water all year around, even during the transitional months in spring and autumn to ensure hot water supply without turning on the air conditioning unit as air conditioning and ground heating are not used during the months.
It is learned that the display of the two sample villas attract many home owners to visit and real estate developers and home owners praise Mammoth ground source heat pump energy-saving air-conditioning system highly. Masterland Phrase I will be delivered to owners to use at the end of October. And Mammoth green air conditioning will bring each family fresh air and convenient life.


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