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Water-cooled Chillers

Water-cooled condenser chillers are desired for their ability to handle large loads at very high efficiency.  They are typically used in larger commercial, industrial, and process applications and serve as the heart of central plant systems.  Systems are typically tucked away as far as possible from occupied spaces in substantial mechanical rooms in the basement to minimize acoustic impact and provide ample room for service.  Once installed, they prove to be almost immovable without significant structural demolition and reconstruction. 

Mammoth provides the opportunity to move your water-cooled mechanical room out of the basement to conserve valuable indoor space while preserving the benefits of easy access for maintenance and sufficient distance from occupied spaces to reduce the acoustic impact.   Ancillary components, such as pumps and valves, can also be located with the chiller to provide a more centralized chiller plant system, arriving at your jobsite ready for virtual plug and play operation.  This not only saves installed costs, but reduces jobsite coordination and promotes reliable start-up and operation. 

Mammoth water-cooled chiller capabilities include:

  • Capacities from 20 to 2,000+ tons
  • When configuring a unit for a small footprint or to retrofit an existing water-cooled chiller application, we can configure the cabinet size, chiller, piping, and pumps for easy connection
  • Scroll, screw, and oil-free magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor technology capabilities help you match the right technology to the right application for optimum energy efficiency and reliability
  • Shell-and-tube or brazed aluminum condenser heat-exchanger options afford flexibility in size, cleanability and location
  • R-134a and R-410A  options help you optimize energy efficiency and environmental requirements
  • Can be configured as a packaged chiller plant with factory-installed liquid pumps, piping, and controls to save you valuable design and installation time and costs, and free up valuable indoor space
  • Factory commissioning to reduce jobsite commissioning costs and timelines, while promoting reliable start-up and operation

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