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S 551

S 551 Compressed air analyzer

The ideal data logger for energy analyzes (ISO 50001) and air audits (ISO 11011)



  1. Instruction Manual

  2. Technical Leaflet


Easy to use

  • Just connect the sensor and start the recording, no configuration and programming required.
  • Easy operation through color-touch display.



  • Connectable sensors for all required measurement tasks (air  flow, air consumption, power consumption, pressure, temperature and many more).

  • Up to 24 inputs through extension boxes and Modbus. 

  • Several loggers can be combined: no need to have long cables from the sensor to the logger.

  • Third party sensors can be easily connected


  • Power glitches and cuts won‘t effect the performance: battery backup power.


  • S 551 does the job on the site

  • Data analyzes in the office

  • Price worthy solution

  • Full software package includes:

    • CSM-S for basic analyzes

    • CAA for compressed air audit analyzes





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