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Compress Air Analyzer (CAA)

Compressed air systems require a regular maintenance and analyzes. So called “air audits” are done by compressed air service professionals to get a picture of the entire system and to recommend improvements. The compressed air analyzer software or CAA is simplifying this analyzes process and brings an end to complicated excel sheets. The data for analyzes has to be recorded by a data logger such as S330/331. Usually parameters such as compressor current consumption, pressure, flow and dew point are recorded over 1 to 2 weeks and then analyzed with CAA.


  • Load/Unload and VF compressor analyzes

  • Air delivery and efficiency analyzes

  • Calculates power consumption and costs

  • Estimates / shows leakage losses

  • Stack view for multiple compressor systems

  • Indicates efficiency problems

  • Powerful report generation

  • Export of reports

Download Datasheet CAA

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